SnoWMAn news
15.07.2014 Version 1.21: BLAT analyses can now also display OTU related charts (like sample similarity and hierarchical clustering) by summarizing sequences with the same classification into an OTU.
27.02.2014 Version 1.20: Several bugfixes. Spreadsheets are now written in xlsx format, to allow for a larger column count.
30.01.2014 Version 1.19: Global summary files are now written in biom format as well
18.09.2013 Version 1.18: Several new beta diversity scores
04.09.2013 Version 1.17: Minor bugfixes. Alpha diversity table downloadable. Input files are now also shown in analysis overview.
26.08.2013 Version 1.16: Alpha diversity calculation has been added to every pipeline and will be displayed for new analyses.
09.08.2013 Version 1.15: Sequence distribution and PCA charts can now be grouped based on pre-defined sample categories.
07.08.2013 Version 1.14: Several UI improvements. Rarefaction group tabs simplified. Separate Global Summary files will now also be created with relative values in all pipelines.
26.07.2013 Version 1.13: Chart legends can now be moved at any edge of the chart or even disabled.
27.06.2013 Version 1.12: Chimera filtering introduced in all pipelines
11.09.2011 Version 1.11: Rank abundance plots and relative abundance pie charts added.
03.04.2011 Version 1.10: Plot for cluster size distribution added.
06.03.2011 Version 1.9: Filter for minimum number of duplicates added.
20.02.2011 Version 1.8: Analysis sharing system has been introduced
19.11.2010 Version 1.7: Major improvements to pipeline handling and time estimation
07.08.2010 Version 1.6: Added hierarchical clustering and sample similarity chart
30.04.2010 Version 1.5: Added JGast pipeline
05.03.2010 Version 1.4: Added UCLUST pipeline
07.10.2009 Version 1.3: Added Principal Component Analysis
30.09.2009 Version 1.2: Added RDP Pipeline
27.03.2009 Version 1.1: Added mothur pipeline
03.12.2008 Version 1.0: First release. Featured analysis: BLAT pipeline