SnoWMAn 1.21  
Straightforward NOvel Webinterface for Microbiome ANalysis
SnoWMAn is currently in version 1.21. It is intended to provide a pipeline for analysis of microbiome data, with an easy to use, straightforward user interface.

Supported analysis steps:
  • Preprocessing: Trimming, splitting, sorting of sequences.
  • Sequence alignment
  • Removing duplicates (Uniquing)
  • Clustering
  • Dereplication / Assignment of representative sequence
  • Classification / Taxa assignment
Statistical analysis:
  • Rarefaction
  • Principal Component Analysis
  • Alpha diversity scores
Visualization of results:
  • Sequence distribution over taxonomic classification
  • Sequence distribution over taxonomic ranks
  • Sequence distribution over samples
  • Endpoint depth of classification
  • Cluster size distribution
  • Cluster abundance plot
  • Taxonomic rank abundance plot
  • Hierarchical clustering
  • Sample comparison
  • Phylotype overlap in up to 4 samples

SnoWMAn is based on Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE), Java Server Pages (JSP), the Jakarta Struts Framework, Enterprise Java Beans (EJB), MySQL, Apache JBoss and Hibernate.

Tested on the following browsers:
Internet Explorer 8, Firefox 21, Safari 4, Google Chrome 29
SnoWMAn news
15.07.2014 Version 1.21: BLAT analyses can now also display OTU related charts (like sample similarity and hierarchical clustering) by summarizing sequences with the same classification into an OTU.
27.02.2014 Version 1.20: Several bugfixes. Spreadsheets are now written in xlsx format, to allow for a larger column count.
30.01.2014 Version 1.19: Global summary files are now written in biom format as well
18.09.2013 Version 1.18: Several new beta diversity scores
04.09.2013 Version 1.17: Minor bugfixes. Alpha diversity table downloadable. Input files are now also shown in analysis overview.
26.08.2013 Version 1.16: Alpha diversity calculation has been added to every pipeline and will be displayed for new analyses.
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SnoWMAn user accounts
SnoWMAn can be used with or without an user account. To get anonymous access click on the link below. The usage of SnoWMAn without account requires users to stay online for the whole analysis time. Logging out or closing the connection deletes all files and analysis on the server.
Personal password protected usage of SnoWMAn is recommended.
Anonymous use of SnoWMAn
To get a SnoWMAn account (provides password protection of all user data and workspaces) use the Create account link on the left side of the page.